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About This Event

This summer, join us as we re-engage in the way we know how- with communal storytelling, shadows, masks, and of course....giant puppets! Our 21st giant puppet show, "Unfolding Seeds: Invocations of Transformation" is rooted in gratitude, wonder, and thanksgiving. We are summoning our collective spirit to invoke care for the Earth, for its creatures, and for its future. Come with us to the cool steps of the Forest Theatre once again, as we dive into a new story- one that honors the things that are lost, that adorns the Earth, and that offers forth avenues for regenerative repair. All flourishing is mutual, all liberation is collective, and all living things are welcome. Notes about attendance: - Tickets are listed as a SUGGESTED PRICE - You are still welcome to bring your picnics, food, and drink into the Forest Theatre! - We are asking that folks who are un-vaccinated wear masks for the show, though. - Outside food and beverage is not permitted at the North Carolina Museum of Art any longer. - Evening shows start at 7:00 pm with a 6:20 pm pre-show - Sunday matinee shows start at 3:00 pm with a 2:20 pm pre-show - The full list of pre-show acts will be available on our website soon!
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  • Monday: 4PM - 11PM
  • Tuesday: 4PM - 11PM
  • Wednesday: 4PM - 11PM
  • Thursday: 4PM - 11PM
  • Friday: 7AM - 10:30AM, 4PM - 11PM
  • Saturday: 7AM - 11PM
  • Sunday: 7AM - 11AM